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Proven quality: NFP Premium water filter cartridge from carbonit

To also remove the enrichment of drinking water with e.g. lead or copper arising from the house pipes, we recommend the use of the NFP Premium drinking water cartridge (activated carbon block filter). Due to the high performance spectrum in case of possible drinking water contamination and the excellent hygienic properties, this filter cartridge NFP Premium is used in almost all CARBONIT® drinking water filters. Laboratory tests confirm the effectiveness of this drinking water filter cartridge from carbonit.

Effective to the last drop

CARBONIT filters stand for capacity-controlled filter change for “performance to the last drop”. When dirty, the filter closes itself (greatly reduced water flow). Recommended filter change for the NFP Premium after 6 months (DIN 1988) or after 10,000 litres.

The natural material activated carbon is refined by a unique and scientifically tested process. All raw materials used in the activated carbon filter are residue-controlled and monitored by the LGA. They comply with strict European standards. State-of-the-art technology ensures unparalleled performance.

Exceptionally fine filtration

Activated carbon filters combine an exceptional filtration fineness of up to 0.45 µm with the high adsorption effect of activated carbon.

  • Like spring water from the tap
  • No need to carry heavy water boxes
  • Filter water in an environmentally friendly cycle without additional energy

Environmentally friendly

Prevent unnecessary production of PET bottles. CARBONIT activated carbon filters are recyclable and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection. They purify your water without additional energy consumption using only the pressure in the household water pipe.

CARBONIT is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN ISO 14000 (environment). We are a member of the Saxony-Anhalt Environmental Alliance and the OWL Environmental Initiative.
Please observe the instructions for use.


With a pore size of 0.45µm (equivalent to 0.00045 mm), this water filter cartridge produced in Germany safely filters bacteria, lead, copper as well as medicines from drinking water (see technical data).


Fitting filter units

CARBONIT® Monoblock NFP Premium filter cartridges fit the following filter devices:

  • Carbonit® SANUNO, VARIO-HP, DUO-HP
  • Sanquell® SOLO AT, SOLO UT


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