Legionella filter | Replacement filter for Safety Chrom shower head


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Membrane filter is extremely fine at 0.15 µm and protects against dangerous legionella bacteria. Easy replacement of the Legionella filter makes the use of the shower head not only sustainable, but also affordable

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Replacement filter for legionella shower head SAFETY CHROM

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The matching permanent legionella filter (“microfiltration insert”) for the SAFETY CHROM legionella shower head. With 0,15µm extremely fine it protects against the dangerous legionella bacteria in drinking water.

Safe to use, inexpensive to run.


Replacement legionella filter in the shower head:

The filter change depends on your personal circumstances. If the shower frequency is high and the domestic water is heavily contaminated with sediment, the filter will be more heavily loaded and therefore more likely to close. However, the retention of legionella is still guaranteed. As a general rule, the filter should only be changed when too little water comes out of the shower head.

You can dispose of the old legionella filter in the household waste.

Tip for longer service life: After thermal disinfections, let the water at the sink run for 5 minutes, as the sediment load of the drinking water increases by leaps and bounds, which can reduce the service life of the filter.

To change the filter, simply unscrew the hand shower and change the filters.



Please note:
Due to its nature, the SAFETY INSERT is excluded from exchange once it has been used.

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  1. Charles H.

    Great working filter. Added a sedimentfilter for a longer lifetime.

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