Our filtered water supports you in everyday life, accompanies you on the road and helps you live a sustainable lifestyle. Our water filters made in Germany are for people who want to live in harmony with nature, sustainably in their use of resources and responsibly towards their bodies. At the same time, they are not too strict with themselves and also want to enjoy life to the fullest. Drinking enough good drinking water supports you in sports, provides for better skin and for higher concentration in everyday life.

High quality standards | 5- year guarantee

What makes us different

What we do?

With more than 15 years of experience, longstanding employees and its own product portfolio, Sanquell stands for excellent advice on all aspects of water filters. 

Our Vision

A healthy lifestyle is now no longer just about diet and sport. The ever-increasing awareness of sustainable lifestyles has arrived in all areas and everyone can comfortably make their contribution. Whether it’s fashion, travel or shopping – nowadays we can achieve a lot for our home planet with just small changes in our everyday lives.

Our Mission

Our filtered water supports you in everyday life and helps you live a sustainable lifestyle.  At the same time, they are not too strict with themselves and also want to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Meet our Team

Oliver Knoblauch
Marketing Expert
Technical Expert
eCommerce Manager
Customer Support
Beate Koop
Customer Support

What Customer Say

“This is an excellent waterfilter-kit. The order arrived within a couple of days of ordering. The installation was very simple and it works like a charm.”
Craig Jenkins
Reviewed in Canada
“Amazing customer support and fast delivery of legionella filters. High quality standards.
It's a pleasure working with sanquell.”
Doug Frankie
Reviewed in USA
"Since we're using the undersink filter "SOLO Superpure" our water tastes fantastic and I use it for preparing baby food!"
Mary Glide
Reviewed in England

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If you need further support finding the best waterfilter for you and your familiy – daon’t hesitate to contact us.